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Our Solar System



For Teachers

25 Hands on Activities

Our Solar System (grades1-3)

Surfin Through the Solar System

Exploring Our Solar System

The Solar System - Evolving, Revolving, Rotating (7th grade, several)

The Solar System (8th grade, several)

How old are you on other planets?

Members of our solar system UNIT

Spinning into Space

Surfing the Solar System 

An Exploration of the Planet Mercury (via the Messenger)

Why do we call the water - Planet Earth?


The Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics of the Solar System

Planetary Geology UNIT (223 pages, pdf download, NASA)

Many (NASA) 

See Also: Outer Space

For Kids

Interactive Science Games & Activities for Kids


Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

Free iPad Apps for Kids

Free Clip Art




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